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American Fly Fishing editions title

American Fly Fishing editions title

American Fly Fishing is the electronic version of the well known magazine. It works on iPhone and iPad while it’s surely be better on the latest.  It is a simple image version, like PDF, of the magazine and you can zoom very deeply without loosing too much quality.

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Welcome to American Fly Fishing, your leading digital source for insider information on North America’s best angling destinations—from the ones you’ve always dreamed of fishing to local favorites you won’t read about anywhere else.

Four times a year you’ll receive intimate details on waters of all types—some remote, and some close to home. American Fly Fishing assembles stunning photography, rock-solid fishing information, and entertaining stories to deliver directly to your mobile devices, straight from the continent’s top outdoor writers and most knowledgeable local and regional experts. You’ll receive compelling insider’s looks at fly fishing from Alaska to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the Great Lakes to the Caribbean.

Whether you’re a trout bum or a steelhead addict, a saltwater junkie or warm-water fanatic, American Fly Fishing will carry you to new fisheries and old favorites. Along with feature stories, each issue showcases innovative flies and tiers, brings fly-fishing history alive in our Pioneers & Legends column, dazzles the eye with unrivaled angling photos in our Exposure spread, and delivers the scoop on the America’s top fly-rod-friendly cities and towns in Urban Angler.

So wade in and enjoy as American Fly Fishing guides you to mobile angling adventures!

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Price free with inApp purchase for releases


This app uses Yudu reader and works fairly well. Nothing very advanced, swipe to page, bookmarks and share, that’s it. Fast and easy.

Screenshots (iPhone & iPad)


Utility ★★★★★
Fulfils ★★★★★
Ease of use ★★★★★
Global ★★★★★


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