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Andy's knots FlyFishing: non slip knot last step with buttons

Andy’s knots FlyFishing: non slip knot last step with buttons

Andy’s Knots is another app for learning how to tie knots but in this case it is one of the serie. This one is knots for flyfishing and you could choose in 8 different apps: general fishing, big game, predator, catfish, carp, pole fishing and sailing knots.

The menu is a very simple horizontal list  with names. No decoration, neither images of knots. The knots are shown in a standard step by step with drawings. Some icons are used to explain some simple actions like moisten or trim.

Available on App Store

Description from the company

#1 Fishing Knots Apps worldwide!

This low price is just an introductional offer. Buy Andy’s knot applications now and be sure to get the best for the lowest price.

The next update (language updates) are in review shortly.

If you are into fly fishing you certainly know that a good knot is of the greatest essence in the natural battle between you and the fish. 

Andy is a passionate angler and professional illustrator who has created the most advanced and high quality knot illustrations in the world for all types of fishing. 

Easy to follow step-by-step knot illustrations from the reel to the hook.

Andy’s knot illustrations have been printed in the following angling publications; 

Fly Fisherman, Trout Fisherman, Trout and Salmon, Beet, Rovers, Karper,
CarpWorld, Crafty Carper, In-Fisherman, Blinker, Le Pêcheur de France.

John Bailey’s Fishing encyclopedia ISBN 9781845372545,
Flyfishing in rivers and streams(Terry Lawton) ISBN 9781845375409,
John Wilson’s 1001 top angling tips ISBN 1905828934,
Spiegelbeeld(Piet Vogel & Koen Koops) ISBN 978908127313,
Henry Gilbey’s Fishing (Eyewitness Companion) ISBN-10: 1405328126,
Nick Hart’s The Essential guide to Fly Fishing ISBN 9780955325014,
Zo leer je vissen(Pierre Bronsgeest) ISBN 9789058780577,
Mick Brown’s Guide to Pike and Predators ISBN-10: 0954923871,
Carp fishing Knots(Anglingknots) ISBN:978-90-71747-01-4
Fly Fishing Knots(Anglingknots) ISBN:978-90-814262-2-0 
General Fishing Knots(Anglingknots) ISBN:978-90-71747-07-6
Pole Fishing Knots(Anglingknots) ISBN:978-90-71747-08-3
Predator Fishing Knots(Anglingknots) ISBN:978-90-71747-09-0
Sea Fishing Knots(Anglingknots) ISBN:978-90-71747-10-6
My Friend Catfish(Jakub Vágner) ISBN 978-80-7283-951-3,
Shad-Power(Henk Simonsz)

– Step-by-step fly fishing knots illustrations. 
– Animated knots (4 sec’s interval).

– real animated knots (follow the knot in detail)
– iPad ready full-HD material
– many languages supported
– many extra’s we keep as a suprise to you for now 😉

If you have any problems, suggestions or ideas concerning the App or the content, please let us know at We always take our customer requests into account very seriously.

Company site Happy Coding 4 You
Price $1.99


It is a fine app. The presentation is minimalist but sufficient. The graphics are paper illustrations and it is evident that iPhone apps could do a lot more.

It is certainly not the “#1 world wide” as they say. One year ago they promise more, continuous animations and even “surprises” and there is nothing new since. In the information screen of the app, the link to the web site goes to a flash page (see gallery) which seems a very basic thing you’d take care if you sale apps.

I don’t like the app presentation in the store which hide the knots available and you can’t verify which is the right package. What knots are in the other packages. In the fly fishing one, there are a few but certainly not all of the knots you’d need for this fishing specialty.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★☆☆☆☆
Ease ★★☆☆☆
Global ★★☆☆☆


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