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Animated fishing knots main screen

Animated fishing knots main screen

Animated Fishing Knots is another knots app.

It shows 31 knots with a textual description and a step by step 2D animation.

There are 4 groups: tie a lure, tie two lines, tie a loop and the last one, miscellaneous, where you can learn how to remove a hook from your skin!

Most of the popular knots are available, you must read the description to learn their best usage.

Available on App Store

Description from the company

Animations are a great way to learn to tie knots. The Animated Fishing Knots App makes learning to tie knots easy and fun! Each of 31 fishing knots has its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot and a description of the knot’s use.

The following 31 best fishing knots are included (the most fishing knots of any App in the store):

Knots for tying on tackle:
•Drop Shot Rig
•Egg Loop
•Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)
•Fish N Fool Knot (Knot Wars winner)
•Improved Clinch Knot
•Knotless Knot
•Offshore Swivel Knot
•Orvis Knot
•Palomar Knot
•San Diego Jam Knot
•Snell Knot Uni version
•Snell Knot Traditional version
•Trilene Knot
•Uni Knot
•World’s Fair Knot

Knots for tying two lines together: 
•Albright Special
•Blood Knot
•Double Uni Knot
•J Knot
•Nail Knot
•Seaguar Knot (Fluorocarbon to mono)
•Slim Beauty (Awesome leader knot) 
•Surgeon’s Knot
•Yucatan Knot

Knots for tying loops in line:
•Bimini Twist
•Dropper Loop
•Non Slip Loop Knot
•Perfection Loop
•Rapala Knot
•Surgeon’s End Loop

•Arbor Knot (Tie line to reel)
•Hook Removal (two techniques, animated)

– 31 carefully selected best fishing knots
– Knots are listed and searchable alphabetically by name or by category and use.
– Pause, and play the video with controls
– Info page shows completed knot and gives information about the knot and its use.

Company site
Price $0.99


This is the second knots app I review and I’m not satisfied. Yes it’s a good idea to have added animation to knots tying. For most of the knots, it surely adds some light on the order and way of threads but it is not, IMHO, the ultimate solution. And one of my students bought it and spent a complete night trying the knots and was not the utimate knot tier neither advanced tier on the next morning.

Some time too much knots is too much. Do you really want a knots encyclopedia on your iPhone or a fast reference card. By the way, will you take out your phone while on the water to find how to tie your fly on your leader? That’s the mystery of these knots app.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★★☆
Ease ★★★★★
Global ★★★☆☆


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