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Fish Time major times

Fish Time major times

Fishing Times is a solunar app.

It shows the best time to fish during the day. The pro version will give you prognostics for the next days not only the current one.

It is based on the theory from the famous book “Moon Up – Moon Down: Story of the Solunar Theory” by John Alden Knight.  It uses tides, earth position, sun and moon phases and undisclosed other parameters to determine the biorhythm of the fauna to decide if they will bite on your lure, fly or anything you’ll throw at them.

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Fishing Times Pro tells you the best time to go fishing in your area for any date. The times are calculated based on several factors including the tides, moon, sun, time of year and location.A modern tech-cessory for the aesthetically-inspired, new-fashioned adventurer.

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Price free / pro $1.99


Usually these apps shows the best time either with a sinusoidal graph or bar graph. They chose a new approach very easy to read, a dial circle of 24 or 12 hours. Others pages show tides and sun and moon phases.

There are thousands of this predictions apps. I have read the book and I still not believe in the theory but some times you crave to be reinsured that your tomorrow trip will be a full success. In this case, you can pray or you can buy one of these, and these one is very well made.

I’ll sure test a few more of these to try to compare their predictions. I’m sure they don’t get the same results and I’m pretty sure that I won’t get more bite. It’s yours to know.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★★☆
Ease ★★★★★
Global ★★★☆☆


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