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Fishing knots and rigs : main menu

Fishing knots and rigs : main menu

Fishing knots and rigs  is another app for learning how to tie knots and to make rigs for fishing many species. It is one of a kind as it is mostly knots for fishing and you have a bunch of very interesting fishing rigs.

The menu is 2 levels with knots and rigs and then a list of each in alphabetical order. The knots and rigs are shown in a standard drawings step by step.

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Description from the company

33 Fishing knots :

✔ Albright Knot
✔ Arbor Knot
✔ Bimini Twist
✔ Blood Knot
✔ Clinch Knot
✔ Common Snell
✔ Convenient Noose
✔ Double Loop Bridle
✔ Double Uni
✔ Dropper Loop
✔ Duncan’s loop
✔ Egg Loop
✔ Flathead Fred’s Safety Pin Knot
✔ Improved Clinch Knot
✔ Improved Turle Knot
✔ King Sling
✔ Longliner’s Knot
✔ Loop & Cross Loop Connection
✔ Nail Knot
✔ Nail Knot With A Loop
✔ Non Slip Mono Knot
✔ Offshore Swivel Knot
✔ Palomar Knot
✔ Penny Knot
✔ Perfection Loop
✔ Pitzen Knot
✔ Rapala Knot
✔ Reverse Clinch
✔ Surgeon’s End Loop
✔ Surgeon’s Knot
✔ Trilene Knot
✔ Tying Line to A Spool
✔ Uni Knot


✔ A guide to making Bibbed Lures
✔ Attaching Balloons
✔ Baitfish on Circles
✔ Baiting with a Fish Fillet
✔ Barracouta Head on Two Hooks
✔ Double-Pinch Method of Baiting Strip-Baits on Circles
✔ Float Fishing for Bream
✔ Freshwater Fishing with Bubble Floats
✔ How to Rig a Squid for Trolling or Drifting
✔ Mono-Paternoster
✔ Pilchard or other small Baitfish
✔ Rigging a Garfish as a Skip Bait
✔ Rigging Circles on Cable
✔ Rigging Squid Baits for Big Snapper & Mulloway
✔ Rigging up for Whiting
✔ Rigging with Lead-Cored Line for Trolling
✔ Rigging with Single Strand Wire

Enjoy Fishing!!

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It is a fine app. The steps by step are clear and while not very high res or hgh tech sufficient for most. The real interest of this apps are the rigs. I can’t say if they are fine for fishing as I’m a fly fisher but they look likes ok. By the way, this rigs function bring to new world of apps for carp fishermen and I’ll explore it when I’ll have finished the knots apps reviewing.

The support site is in asian characters so don’t hope to have too much information through it. It doesn’t mean and I don’t mean that you can’t get support but when I went to it, it looks like a problem for me when you develop apps in english.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★☆☆
Ease ★★☆☆☆
Global ★★★☆☆


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