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Fishing Knots Home

Fishing knots is a simple knots apps. You have two level of menu, family and name. For each knot, there are a few slides to show the steps by steps of tying.

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Fishing Knots provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for tying 16 of the most popular and useful fishing knots. The precisely designed and detailed graphics emphasize key steps and clearly show critical overlapping elements, arrows and other guides to help you tie tricky knots.

Follow along with the written directions, view the strengths and weaknesses of each knot and flip the phone to see a larger view of any diagram!

Fishing Knots includes these great knots and a visual glossary

Attach a Fly or Lure
▸ Loop Knot
▸ Clinch Knot
▸ Improved Clinch Knot
▸ Improved Double Clinch
▸ Palomar Knot
▸ Snell Knot

Tie Two Lines Together
▸ Nail Knot
▸ Surgeon’s Knot
▸ Blood Knot
▸ Albright Knot

Tie a Loop in the Line
▸ Perfection Loop
▸ Surgeon’s Loop
▸ Dropper Loop

Tie Backing to Reel
▸ Arbor Knot

Other Useful Knots
▸ Float Stop Knot
▸ Uni Knot 

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I have seen a great deal of knots apps and most of them are not really useful. This one is well programmed and cleanly presented but the steps by steps is IMHO useless. When you are on the water, even when you’re at your desk how do you convert the nice green nylon cord to transparent monofilament. It’s fairly different to tie with hairly nylon and there are tricks to do it easily. But nobody seems to be able to show them.

On the first screen I have been upset to see the mention “upgrade for more knots”. I just paid one box and they say I must pay more! Usually you download the free version to look at the UI and then buy in App additional elements. As soon as I saw these words, I thought I have been cheated, it’s not the case, you can buy more knots these ones are all the fishing knots.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★★☆
Ease ★★★☆☆
Global ★★☆☆☆


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