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Go-Fish search background

Go-Fish search background

Go-Fish is a fishing diary application. You can register your catch, share on a world wide diary of catches, see your name and catch on a world map.
You can’t share through the usual social networks but only with other users of this free app.

It’s the app of the Great Britain web site “angling venue and catch directory”.

Available on App Store


Do you consider yourself to be an angler of traditional values fishing in the modern age? A child brought up on cane and glass but with an appreciation of carbon? A Dick Walker acolyte, a lost scientist from the era of Look and Learn? A new angler with a thirst for knowledge? Then perhaps you should think about downloading the latest piece of angling electronica, the go-fish App. By doing so you will immediately join an exclusive register of anglers, who archive their catches and share them on-line with other ‘Applicants’.

As soon as you register and submit your catch a ‘unique’ drawing pin will be taken out of the drawer in the Ops Room at go-fish HQ. The pin will appear as if by magic upon your screen denoting the very location of the water you are fishing upon a map of the world. At the touch of your screen you will have the ability to record the minutiae of your catch, the weight of your tench or the number of roach in your keepnet.

Company site go-fish.co.uk
Price free
web site : Angling venue and catch directory

web site : Angling venue and catch directory


Fishing directory is the first app anybody can imagine to create on smart phone. If you are a conscious angler you are catching and releasing for quite some time. But we all want to brag about our catches and photos are the best way to prove a lie or keep kind memory.

Salmon under water

Salmon under water

I do catch and release for a long time and taook a few great snapshots of fishes but I use a waterproof camera. I have tried many solutions from ziplocks to lifeproof cases but as a salmon angler who is always in the water, I must say that I still prefer my trusted Olympus Tough camera for over and under water shots like this one.

I sure like to share with my close fishermen friends, and eventually family ,but do I need to boast at the whole world?

The app is very well programmed and has all the needed funcitonnalities if you like this type of app.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★★☆
Ease ★★★★☆
Global ★★★☆☆


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