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Reviewing many apps around fishing, I found there were many of them about knots or containing knots tying functions and I wanted to make a very thorough evaluation of this segment.

I tried to find the best criteria of evaluation but the more I have used and the more difficult it will have been to choose. So I decided to keep my first four: utility, fulfils, ease and global.

The “utility criteria” measures the usefulness of the app as it is presented by the developer.  If the developer says you’ll learn to tie knots of fishing and all the knots are sailing ropes the usefulness is near zero.

The “fulfils criteria” is to measure if the app fulfils the goal defined by the developer. That means is there all the functionalities needed to get to the goal. If you can’t find the right knot to tie a fly to your line, this function is missing.

The “ease criteria” defines if anybody will intuitively find his way in the app but also if the UI is clear, the buttons big enough, the screens well designed.

Finally the “global criteria” is my own appreciation of the app. It takes in account all of the other criteria but also if I would install, buy and keep the app on my phone for the task.

I have tried to be as impartial as I can and I must admit that along this work, my perception has changed even if my goal stayed the same: finding the best app possible for everybody or eventually offer the best app for each of you.

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