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Knots time lite is a video app which shows how to tie knots.

It shows 33 knots as high quality videos.

The main menu shows buttons with a photo in an horizontal slider. You select a  button to get the description of the knot in the upper area and then click on the video button to access the footage,

It’s the simplest app of this category

Available on App Store

Description from the company

Without a doubt, the best way to learn how to tie knots.

Have you ever fumbled around with a rope, nervously trying to tie some sort of knot that you hope will hold? “Knot Time” is meant to serve as both a learning tool and a field guide for tying knots. Each of the knots has a brief description and an instructional video to walk you through how to tie the knot. The videos make it very easy for you to actually see how the knot is tied – much better than some “connect the dots” kind of pictures. Knots are grouped into five categories: general, boating, mountaineering, fishing, and scouting. The general category contains 11 basic knots that can be used in a variety of situations. There is no simpler way to improve your perceived outdoorsmanship (or outdoorswomanship).

“Knot Time” will have you tying the following 33 knots: alpine butterfly, anchor bend, arbor knot, bowline, bowline on a bight, cleat hitch, clove hitch, diagonal lashing, double fisherman’s bend, double overhand stopper knot, double surgeon’s knot, dropper loop, figure 8, figure 8 with a follow through, lark’s head, monkey’s fist, nail knot, one handed bowline, overhand knot, Prusik knot, rolling hitch, round turn and two half hitches, sheepshank, sheer lashing, sheet bend, square knot, square lashing, surgeon’s loop, timber hitch, Trilene knot, tripod lashing, trucker’s hitch, and water knot. More to come…

DISCLAIMER: Participating in activities that involve ropes is potentially dangerous. The quality of your knots and the ropes themselves should be properly evaluated before attempting any activity where danger is involved. Keeping yourself safe is your own responsibility, not the responsibility of this material.

Company site
Price free/$3.99


It is indeed a very good way to show the knots. The bigger rope gives a very good perspective on the hands tying the knot.

For once in a while the name of the knots are familiar. The UI is fairly simple and efficient but it is unusual to have the buttons sliding horizontally. The descriptions are short but sufficient.

So it is a good application for general knot tying but in a fisherman perspective, there are not enough dedicated knots.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★☆☆
Ease ★★★☆☆
Global ★★★★☆


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