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Knot wars: main menu

Knot wars: main menu

Knot Wars is another app for learning how to tie knots.

It shows 40 knots as 3D animations of very high quality. The plus of this app is to give the breaking strength of each knot.

The main menu offers 2 levels with the usual grouping, loops. line to line, lures and alphabetical.

It is based on a fisherman TV show.

Available on App Store

Description from the company

Based on the hugely popular segment from the North American Fisherman TV show, Knot Wars pits knots in a head to head battle to determine which knot you can count on in a fight. This app assembles all three seasons of the competition, bringing forty of the strongest fishing knots available to the palm of your hand.

Each knot has simple step by step narration and gorgeous animations that walk you through the tying process, but what really sets this app apart is the unique data on critical break strength accumulated through hours of repeated testing for the show.

Find knots sorted alphabetically or by applications like loop knots, line to line or line to lure. Read tips on each knot and slide through the instructional videos at your own pace. Pause and resume playback with the swipe of a finger until you have even the most complex knots mastered.

Due to the quality and size of the animations, the full package size is approximately 40MB.

Company site HuntGeek
Price free


It is a very good app. The animations are some of the best I have seen on these knot apps.

I have a problem with the names but it seems it is a constant, the name of the knots are always changing and it makes it very difficult to find a knot you know. Some of the simplest and well known knots are not available, like the perfect loop. It could be by choice as the app is dedicated to show the strongest ones.

The UI is very nice while the back and main menu buttons are very small.



Utility ★★★☆☆
Fulfils ★★★☆☆
Ease ★★★★☆
Global ★★★★☆


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