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There are thousands of tides apps but this one is the best we have found. The free version shows only one day at a time but you can register for $1.99 for one year.

Available on App Store


Tides Planner gives you instant and easy access to TIDES for 8000 world locations, including all US, Europe and Australasia stations. No connection is needed as the app uses its own database.

Currents/Tidal Streams for Europe (Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland and parts of Germany and Denmark).

Company site
Registration for one year 1.99 $



This is really the best of all. It’s a very complete app with all the pro functions you can imagine even for the most techies. The only missing screen, in our opinion, is a week planing which would be a great tool for the fishermen.

Écrans de l’apps


Quality ★★★★★
Completeness ★★★★☆
Ease of use ★★★★☆
Global ★★★★★


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