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Pro-Knot : main menu

Pro-Knot : main menu

Pro-Knot is another application on knots either for rope or for fishing.

The menu has 2 levels, types and knots. In the knots lists, there are some grouping by usage.

The knots are presented with one screen text and a multi-screen step by step with standard black and white drawings in this case blue and gray even for two line joining.

Available on App Store

Description from the company

Pro-Knot is the most trusted printed knot reference in the world and now the same best selling fishing knot and rope knot instructions are available on the iPhone/iPod/iPad! Now with 70 great knots!

These are the same rope knot illustrations used by the US Department of Defense for training, US Border Patrol, Fire Departments, Utilities, Arborists and countless Scout troops in our printed format!

These are the same fishing knot illustrtions used by many State Fish and Game Department’s educational programs and materials (Alaska, Massachusetts, South Dakota, etc). These are the same fishing knot illustrations from the best selling printed fishing knot reference in the world!

– 4 weeks as a “WHATS HOT” iTunes App!!! (Hand picked by Apple as a noteworthy application that will help them sell more phones!)
– Previous #1 Paid App in Sports category!!!

Free updates with more knots are provided regularly (currently on our 9th update). We are committed to keeping this the best knot app available in the iTunes store.

A great deal for BOTH fishing knots and rope knots in one App!

– 39 essential Rope Knots
– 31 best Fishing Knots (most fishing knots of any App in the store)

All explained in clear, easy to follow swipe through step-by-step instructions. The knots, their uses and background information are described and the tying of each knot is broken down into easily understood steps, with clear, easy to follow graphics for each step.

The essential ROPE KNOTS include:

Hitches (rope to object knots):
– Anchor Bend
– Blake’s Hitch
– Buntline Hitch
– Cleat Hitch
– Clove Hitch
– Constrictor Knot
– Cow Hitch
– Girth Hitch
– Half Hitch (and Two Half Hitches)
– Klemheist
– Mooring Hitch
– Munter Hitch
– Pile Hitch
– Rolling Bend
– Rolling Hitch
– Tautline Hitch
– Timber Hitch
– Trucker’s Hitch
– Valdotain Tresse Knot

Bends (rope to rope knots):
– Backup Knot
– Better Bow Knot
– Carrick Bend
– Double Fisherman’s
– Heaving Line Knot
– Sheepshank
– Sheet Bend (doubled version too)
– Square Knot
– Water Knot

Loop Knots:
– Bowline
– Bowline on a Bight
– Butterfly Knot
– Figure Eight Follow Through
– Honda Knot
– Prusik Knot
– Slip Knot
– Slipped Buntline
– Yosemite Bowline

The 31 best FISHING KNOTS include:

Terminal Tackle Connections:
– Arbor Knot
– Drop Shot Rig
– Egg Loop
– Improved Clinch Knot
– Eye Crosser Knot (Knot Wars winner)
– Fish-N-Fool Knot (Knot Wars winner)
– Knotless Knot
– Non Slip Mono Loop
– Offshore Swivel Knot
– Orvis Knot
– Palomar Knot
– Rapala Knot
– San Diego Jam Knot
– Snell Knot traditional version
– Snell knot Uni Knot version
– Trilene Knot
– Uni Knot
– World’s Fair Knot

Line to Line Knots:
– Blood Knot
– Double Uni Knot

Leader to Line Knots:
– Albright Special
– J Knot
– Nail Knot
– Seaguar Knot (Fluorocarbon knot)
– Slim Beauty (Exclusive – awesome leader knot)
– Surgeon’s Knot
– Yucatan Knot

Loop Knots:
– Bimini Twist
– Dropper Loop
– Perfection Loop
– Surgeon’s End Loop

Plus 2 Emergency Fish Hook Removal Techniques!

– 70 knots – 31 Fishing Knots and 39 Rope Knots, and two fish hook removal techniques.
– Illustrations from the best selling knot reference in the world (700,000+ knot books sold)
– Knots listed and searchable alphabetically by name and by category
– Overview page gives explanation of knot and finished knot illustration
– Step-by-Step screens give separate illustrations and directions for each step
– Swipe the images to move forward or back through the steps
– Favorites page lets you save your own list of favorite knots
– Knot Terminolgy page explains rope and knot terms
– Created by one of the most trusted and respected knot reference publisher in the world.

Feel free to email us your comments, suggestions and requests ( We love to hear from you!

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Price $1.99


This application is based on waterproof plastic cards which have been sold and acclaimed for many years. The app is simple and efficient. The drawings are clear and easy to understand. Even with their monochromatic tint, the drawings are very easy to understand. The knots are numerous and versatile. So it is the perfect reference.

If you know your basic knots and either search for a new one or to find the tying of one you can’t remember, it is the perfect app. It’s not the best app as it doesn’t use the many advanced capabilities of the iPhone but could it be better if we were able to go to next page in tilting the phone?

So everything seems to be there for the perfect app but I feel something is missing. I have 70 knots to choose from or at least 31 fishing knots to choose among. I have the need of 3 : line to leader, leader to tippet, tippet to hook. Which are the best? In which case, I’ll use one or the other. They have reference cards for saltwater and ultimate why this is not used in the app? Why not a wizard to find the knot. The last question is if so many apps exist with so many different way of demonstrating the knot, is it because none of them are REALLY the best one? Or because not everybody can understand it with the same tools.



Utility ★★★★★
Fulfils ★★★★
Ease ★★★★★
Global ★★★★☆


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