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Solar home screen

Solar home scre

S°lar is another weather app.

It is the ultimate user interface intelligence minimalist app. Almost no UI. That was the challenge.

When I learn about it, I was very interested to see the result and I’m sure you’re want to know more. There is 3 motions: down forecast 3 days, up forecast hourly and side for other places.

Available on App Store


No vector polygons, no dew point calibration and it won’t remind you to wear a jacket. Just radiant, Rothko-esque colorscapes in a very simply designed, interactive weather forecast app.

A modern tech-cessory for the aesthetically-inspired, new-fashioned adventurer.

even the description is minimalist!

Company site
Price $0.99


At first, it is very “cool” indeed. On the long term, I don’t know if I’ll be satisfied by the low data level. Just a minute ago, before writing this, I was looking at it and it was raining on the screen! In fact, it is not raining at all here but it took another weather station a few kilometres away and thought it was raining. But once more, it was indeed very cool animation.



Utility ★★★★☆
Fulfils ★★★★☆
Ease ★★★★★
Global ★★★★☆


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