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Tie Knots: main menu

Tie Knots: main menu

Tie Knots is yet another knots app.

It shows more than 100 knots with a textual description and step by step photos.

All knots are in a long list without organization but with a small graphical representation.

Most of the popular knots are available, you must either know their name or read the description to learn their best usage. They are classified by user votes if it is of any usage.

Available on App Store

Description from the company

Wanna to learn how to tie knots in the fun and easy way? Knots Step by Step is your informed choice. No need the network connection, you can learn tie knots at anywhere and anytime you like on your iPhone. Especially, it is 100% FREE!!

Knots Step by Step APP will be your personal assistant in the complex craft of knot tying. We have collected over 100 essential knots in this application to help you learn tie knots. Once you have downloaded the app they will be at hand in your mobile device wherever you are – fishing at a lake, climbing a mountain or just staying home with your everyday household chores.

This application collected most categories way of tie knots, such as Thief Knot, Carrick Bend, Fisherman’s Knot, Grief Knot, Backhanded Hitch, Clove Hitch and so on. Click on the name of the knot to see an illustration and description of how to tie it. Enjoy and have a good time.

    • 100+ tie knots ways
    • ORIGINAL, clear, colorful photographs.
    • Browse search by category or knot name.
    • Save your favorite knots for easy access.
    • It is 100% FREE!
Company site haliboo.com
Price free


After a few of these knots apps, I have decided to become more systematic in my reviewing and I want to find if not the best one, at least the best for a given usage. Either you’re searching of a fast reference or just a few very detailed knots, either you think you’ll find the best for free, either you agree to have half your screen cluttered with banners of unwanted, or you can pay one box for some good work. I think every body must have his free will and gets the best for the buck!

This one is free that’s the first point. You have access to many knots that’s the second and the knots images are very clear. But I don’t recognize most of the names of the knots.The “fisherman” is one I’ve never tie. Worst there are more than one “fisherman’ and the description uses another name. Knots choice is difficult. The favourites or random list are useless.

The price is right as it is free but there are so many banners and popup that I’d prefer to pay and not be bothered by all these. About popup, there are many messages about switching from 3G to wifi. Basically it’s a good idea while in this case, it means you don’t see the images but you still have all the ads! I think there is a bug there as it seems to have some problem at detecting wifi connections.

Tie Knots: app store's screenshots are not in the app

Tie Knots: app store’s screenshots are not in the app

There is another problem, it’s the first time that I see app store screenshots which are not in the app. I don’t like either the button with asian characters or popups I can’t read.






Utility ★★☆☆☆
Fulfils ★☆☆☆☆
Ease ★★★☆☆
Global ★☆☆☆☆


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